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The Mount Washington Arboretum (An arboretum is a collection of woody trees and shrubs cultivated and labeled for educational and scientific purposes) was begun in 1999 under the auspices of the Mt. Washington Preservation Trust.  The Trust preserves open spaces in Mt. Washington through preservation easements and maintains with volunteers about 20 public gardens in Mt. Washington, the Arboretum being the largest (about one acre).

The Arboretum site was at one time an apartment complex which was flooded during Hurricane David (1989); subsequently, the structure was condemned and removed and the land became part of the Baltimore City Parks Department.  With its permission, the Arboretum was started in 1999 and received significant start-up grants from the TKF Foundation of Annapolis.  The Arboretum was intended to be a showcase for native plants, an example of sound ecological principles and a sanctuary from the modern world. 

Various structures and amenities have been added: a pond with waterfall, storage shed, retaining walls, pergolas, benches, entrance kiosk, interpretive signs, entrance archway with tiles by children from the Mt. Washington School, two green roofs with water storage, a mural,  a council ring (a la Jens Jensen), and a meeting pavilion. Other foundations, organizations and individuals have also provided additional support:  the Macht Foundation, Meyerhoff Foundation, Parks and People, Chesapeake Bay Trust, Baltimore City Parks Department, Home Depot, Watson’s Nursery, Greenfield’s Nursery, Manor View Nursery, Bluemount Nursery, and Maclean’s Nursery.

Various events are held at the Arboretum: lectures, movies for families, garden workshops, Halloween, weddings, school class outings, and winter and summer solstice festivals.

For more information, to volunteer, help maintain the Arboretum or to make donations, see the website: TKFFDN.Org and Support Us, Contact Us on this site